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OuUnPo(RTO) Ouvroir d’Univers Potentiels Vol.9 (Recreative Temporary Orbit) Book and Audio CD

José Almeida Pereira, Daniele Balit, Yane Calovski, Miguel Carvalhais, André Cepeda, Lisa Cepeda, Ewen Chardronnet, Sandra Correia, Gustavo Costa, Klas Eriksson, Norberto Fernandes, João Filipe, Fundaçao, Sara Giannini, Diana Gonçalves dos Santos, Per Hüttner, Marita Lumi, Celia Machado, Maud Malon, Loreto Martinez Troncoso, Jacopo Miliani, Elena Nemkova, Raffaella della Olga, Marco Pasi, Cristina Regadas, Natasha Rosling, Alessandra Sandrolini, Claudia Squitieri, Srosh Ensemble, Samon Takahashi, Fatoş Üstek, Stephen Whitmarsh …

OuUnPo is a pan-European research node and a part of the international network Vision Forum. It is an itinerant laboratory for co-creating knowledge through artistic research and artistic production. OuUnPo creates platforms for dynamic meetings between artists, curators and researchers as it travels to different cities around the world.The visiting group incorporates both recurring contributors and temporary participants who are without distinction referred to as OuUnPonians. Two or three times per year, the group forms sessions in different countries, focusing on a given topic in connection to each place. Each OuUnPo session is curated by one or more OuUnPonians. This Portuguese OuUnPo session was organized by Claudia Squitieri and Samon Takahashi in the city Porto.