The Other Olympics Hoodie
— Betsy Bickle

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Image of The Other Olympics Hoodie <br />  — Betsy Bickle

Baron de Coubertin is the father of the modern Olympic Games. He famously said The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. A friend once told me a winner is just a creator of losers, a rather cruel judgement and we bet she usually sees a glass half empty. I couldn’t help notice, however, that a long time before the Olympics actually take place for the famous event we know, another competition, slightly less public, occurs between cities to claim the right to host the Games. The Other Olympics celebrate the losing bidding cities by deconstructing their logos, never to be seen again on a sport garment or accessory.

Summer 2004, black socks (Athens, Rome, Cape Town, Stockholm, Buenos Aires)
Summer 2008, black beach towel (Beijing, Osaka, Toronto, Istanbul, Paris)
Summer 2012, black hoodie (Paris, Madrid, New York, Moscow)
Summer 2016, black swim bag (Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Tokyo, Chicago, Baku, Doha, Prague)
Summer 2020, black tracksuit bottoms (Tokyo, Istanbul, Madrid, Baku, Doha, Rome)