Hello? My phone is dead
— Åbäke


Image of Hello? My phone is dead <br/> — Åbäke Image of Hello? My phone is dead <br/> — Åbäke

A Victoria and Alferd Museum production
A3 limited screen print (3 colours)
Limited edition of xxx 3 colour screen print on gloss 150gsm
When is the last time you used a phone booth to make a call? The classic red booth K2 from England is still preserved for tourists to take pictures with… their phones.
Superman doesn’t change in them anymore but they possibly and nostalgically still stink of urine in Soho.
The phone booth is dead and the few remaining ones are their own tombstones devoid of real cable connection or even a phone in them. This is perhaps a story which comes to full circle if we consider that the booth was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott based on the grave of british architect Sir John Shane. The telephone itself was arguably invented to speak with the dead but that is another story.

Price: £5
Author / Editor: Åbäke

Design: Åbäke

Year: 2011

Price: £5
Postage & Package not included

First Edition: xxx

Weight: xx g

Width: 42 cm
 Height: 29.7 cm